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Turning the tide on marine plastic waste

Atlantic Curve Ocean Bench

Leading South West plastics recycling and reprocessing plant, DCW Polymers has signed an exclusive agreement with the Ocean Recovery Project to give a new lease of life to plastic waste found along the South West’s coastline.

Marine plastic waste collected through beach cleans run by Keep Britain Tidy’s Ocean Recovery Project will now be used in the making of DCW Polymers’ new recycled furniture product, the Atlantic Ocean Bench.

DCW Polymers a specialist plastic reprocessing company in Exeter, launched its recycled plastic furniture range in 2021. Every product is made from 100% plastic waste collected from businesses across the region and now the recycling experts have refined the process to incorporate marine plastics in the manufacturing process.

This new partnership will ensure marine plastic waste is removed from the region’s coastline and contributes to DCW Polymers’ special ocean furniture range with the Atlantic Ocean Bench marking its debut.

Mimicking the waves and movement of the ocean, the curved Atlantic Ocean Bench is made from 100% recycled plastic with at least 20% of the material collected from the ocean. The limited-edition bench incorporates blue and grey tones and comfortably sits six adults. DCW Polymers’ latest recycled product is handmade to order with 10% of all sales being donated to the Ocean Recovery Project to help fund the environmental charity’s valuable work in promoting beach cleans and running educational campaigns.

Jason Goozee, Head of DCW Polymers, commented: “We all know that plastic waste in our ecosystem is a cause for concern, but the problem has now reached an alarming scale. Scientists have estimated that more than 8 million tonnes of plastic enter our oceans every year1, causing significant harm to not just marine wildlife, but humans too. Over time, plastic breaks down into tiny particles called microplastics. These are ingested by sea creatures, becoming part of the food chain, and have been found in drinking water, salt, beer and the soil in which we grow our food2.

“It’s thought there are now more than 5 trillion pieces of plastic in our oceans3. It will take a mammoth effort to solve the problem, but we can all play our part. That is why we have teamed up with the Ocean Recovery Project to help clean up the South West’s coastline, putting marine plastic waste to good use.

“It’s thanks to our continued investment at DCW Polymers that we are now able to do this. For the past 18 months, we have been manufacturing a range of sustainable furniture products from plastic waste collected from businesses across the South West, but marine plastics can be a little trickier to work with.

“After extensive trials and upgrading our machinery, we have refined the process and can now incorporate these tricky-to-recycle plastics into our manufacturing process. It’s a big achievement in the fight against marine plastic waste. The Atlantic Ocean Bench is the first product that we have made using marine plastic, but we hope to expand the range in the coming months.”

Keep Britain Tidy’s Neil Hembrow commented: “The new ocean bench range gives us an opportunity to collect our beach plastics and utilise them locally in the South West. From the far west of Cornwall to Dorset, we can support volunteers by collecting plastics from beach cleans to create a long-lasting, resilient product to be enjoyed for many years.”

The manufacture of DCW Polymers’ recycled furniture has been recognised as outstanding at the recent Made in the South West awards, where the firm received the coveted Manufacturer of the Year Award 2022.

DCW Polymers is the only specialist plastics recycling, reprocessing and manufacturing plant of its type in the South West. The plastic recycling firm can collect items from both businesses and wider communities, providing a processing service for bulky plastics such as plastic bins, playground equipment, garden furniture, plastic pallets, crates and even larger items such as kayaks and pontoon floats.

The Atlantic Ocean Bench is available to order now at £425 plus VAT. Call 01392 535353 to place your order.

For more information about DCW Polymers’ recycling services, call 01392 535353 or email [email protected]


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Recycled plastic sustainable Atlantic bench in partnership with Ocean Recovery Project

What Is Recycled Plastic Furniture?

Recycled Plastic Furniture


When we think of outdoor furniture, we tend to think of wood. But there’s a much more sustainable alternative, and it’s made of recycled plastic. Recycled plastic is great for outdoor furniture because it’s durable and robust, plus it can be moulded or formed into all kinds of shapes and styles so you can find exactly what you want at a reasonable price.

  • Despite the negative focus on waste plastics in recent years, plastic is a highly recyclable material.
  • Plastic furniture is durable and robust.
  • It’s easy to maintain and keep clean, too!

Are you looking for eco-friendly furniture? Try plastic furniture! Our plastic chairs, tables, benches and even dog agility items are all made from a range of recycled materials including sweet tubs, food containers and car bumpers. They’re made using a process called flow moulding that melts the plastic to form ‘planks’ which can then be used to build a wide range of useful, high-quality products. Plastic furniture is extremely durable and will last for many years. It’s easy to maintain and keep clean, too!

Low maintenance

The great thing about recycled furniture is that you don’t have to worry about constant cleaning and stain removal. The recycled plastics we use are resistant to water absorption, meaning it stands up to dirt or liquids far better than wood, and there is no need for any added protection such as paint or varnish.

Impact resistant

Plastic is a much denser material than wood, making it heavier and much more robust. Therefore it will stand up to the rigours of everyday use much better, and will be much less likely to be dented or damaged.

No splintering, cracking, chipping or peeling

Plastic is a highly durable material that is well-suited for making outdoor furniture for our temperate climate here in the UK, and the mild, wet weather we enjoy (or endure) will not affect the quality or appearance of the product. Unlike wood, it will not absorb moisture, will not become discoloured and rot, it will not splinter, warp or crack, and it is impervious to insects that often enjoy eating wooden products. We also add in a UV stabiliser to our plastics to give it added protection from fading.

A great choice for outdoor furniture

If you’re looking for outdoor furniture, plastic may be the better way to go. Plastic is more durable than wood and can withstand exposure to the elements better than other materials without the need for expensive and time-consuming protective treatments (which are not good for the planet). It’s also resistant to mould and mildew, splintering and cracking, and it’s easy to clean with soap and water!


Plastic is a great choice for outdoor furniture because it’s durable, strong and resilient As it is weatherproof, you won’t need to spend your time maintaining it every year, leaving you more time to relax in your garden. Furthermore, you can feel happy in the knowledge that you’re are doing the right thing for the environment by buying sustainable products, manufactured locally from recycled plastics, which helps keep carbon emissions as low as possible.

To find out more about the range of recycled furniture that we offer at DCW Polymers, view our shop here 

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Sustainable recycled plastic outdoor furniture bench by DCW Polymers durable long-lasting - Rockington Garden Rocking Chair

Recycle & Raise® is back

Spooky season marks the return of confectionary tubs to the supermarkets, ready for shoppers to stock up on their favourite sweet treats. Now, leading South West waste plastics recycling and reprocessing plant, DCW Polymers, is asking us to donate the empty plastic tubs to raise vital funds for charity.

Marking its fourth year, Recycle & Raise® is hosted by Exeter-based DCW Polymers in an effort to keep plastic tubs away from landfill whilst raising money for good causes. The Zero to Landfill firm is once again asking the general public to donate plastic tubs for recycling to raise funds for Dartmoor Zoological Society and new for 2022, Life Chance Trust.

Last year, the campaign by the South West’s specialist plastic recycler raised over £5,500. Since its launch in 2019, Recycle & Raise has raised over £11,000 for charity with DCW Polymers collecting the equivalent of 135,000 tubs.

It’s not just sweets and chocolates tubs DCW Polymers is asking for either. Ice cream, biscuit and cracker tubs, milk bottle tops and takeaway containers can all be recycled as part of the Recycle & Raise campaign. The materials with a number five PP symbol on the container that are donated to Recycle & Raise will be sent to the DCW Polymers’ recycling plant in Exeter, where they will be shredded into granules. The granules will then be used in manufacturing DCW Polymers’ recycled plastic furniture range, where 100% of the profits will be donated to Dartmoor Zoological Society and Life Chance Trust. All plastic donations collected will be split 50/50 between the two charities.

Dartmoor Zoo is set in 33-acres of beautiful woodland just outside of Plymouth and undertakes vital conservation work to protect a variety of species. Life Chance Trust is an award-winning organisation based in Newton Abbot that provides young people who have experienced trauma with mentoring and life skills training to help them on the pathway to employment.

More drop-off locations will be available over the next few weeks, but recyclers can start taking their empty tubs and bottle tops from November to the DCW Polymers Enviro Hub in Exeter, EX2 8NU, or the DCW Data Destruction centre in Plymouth, PL21 9UH.  The Recycle & Raise drop-off point outside Princesshay’s Bee Hive Information Centre, The Hive, located in Bampfylde Lane in Exeter, is open all year for clean plastic tubs and bottle tops. You can find your nearest drop-off location by viewing the interactive map at https://www.dcw.co.uk/about/recycle-raise/. If your business, school or organisation would like to get involved, please email [email protected].

DCW Polymers Business Support Manager, Emily Almond, said: “Sweet tubs appear on the shelves earlier and earlier each year, which is why we have launched Recycle & Raise even earlier. We want to recycle as many plastic tubs as possible, whilst raising vital funds for charity.

“We are so proud to have raised over £11,000 since we launched Recycle & Raise and hope that with the support from the public, we can raise even more this year. By manufacturing the plastic granules into our recycled plastic furniture range, we can donate ten times the amount per tub than if we just sold the granules to the manufacturing industry. Please spread the word and save us your clean, empty tubs and tops and help us Recycle plastic and Raise money for charity.”

Empty and clean donations need to be taken to drop-off locations by Wednesday 15th February 2023. If your business, school or organisation would like to become a drop-off point, please email [email protected].

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Recycle & Raise™

Sherwell Valley Primary School – Case Study

Future-proof Fencing

In the outskirts of picturesque Torquay, jewel of the English Riviera, Sherwell Valley Primary School provides education to over 700 local children aged 3 to 11. Founded in 1974, the school has undergone extensive rebuilding in order to create a safe and engaging learning environment. We at DCW Polymers proudly supported these efforts by installing 59 meters of our exclusive recycled picket fencing.

At DCW Polymers, we focus on making the best use of the many tonnes of plastic that our society produces. We collect plastics from across the South West and bring them back to our processing plant in Exeter, where they are re-engineered. Fencing made from this material is perfect for school environments like Sherwell; places where rambunctious kids can be hard on their surroundings!

From Old to New

Sherwell used to have traditional wooden fencing enclosing its property, which was a major headache for its maintenance crew. Wooden fencing is susceptible to rot; especially in places like Torquay where the sea-salt breeze can eat away at the natural fibre. When wood rots it’s easier to break, making it dangerous, especially in areas where kids like to run and play.

Some schools get around this by using chain-link fencing or similar solutions. For many, this can make an education environment seem more like a prison. This is why Sherwell chose our Polymer fencing instead; it has the charm and aesthetic of wood, whilst being so durable it comes with a decade’s guarantee. Sherwell’s maintenance crew won’t have to fix or replace it and can spend their time working on other improvments, for the benefit of their students.

Keeping it Efficient

Over the summer we worked with Sherwell Valley and Festers Fencing, another local business (find out more about them here). Our skip stood by to collect all of the old, broken wooden fencing and debris. We brought it back to our plant for processing with the rest of the recyclables. Then we installed 59 meters of brand new fencing around the playground. The kids at Sherwell can now safely run around and get out all of their wiggles during breaks. We also surrounded the ‘quiet area’, where kids who are a bit less energetic can go to relax and just spend time outdoors. Spending time in nature is especially important for children’s development, which is partly why we work so hard to preserve it. We saved any offcuts to bring back to Exeter to feed back into the system, which keeps it efficient and sustainable.

Reduce, Reuse, Recycle, Reimagine

“Sherwell Valley Primary is a large and vibrant place where children enjoy learning and teachers love to teach them. Our vision is to achieve ‘excellence in all that we do’ and when the opportunity came for us to modernise our Key Stage 1 playground we adopted that vision – to not only create a safe and fun area for our children to learn and play, but also showcase our values of being community focused and inspirational. The fact that DCW Polymers could provide good quality, 100% recycled fencing made from local plastic waste, fit in with our school values of reduce, reuse, recycle. From start to finish the customer service received by all members of their team was excellent and we are proud to be associated with this new innovative product. We look forward to working with them again.”

-Kate Sharp, School Business Manager

Sherwell’s motto is ‘Education today for the world tomorrow’. At DCW Polymers we are proud to help support this message and help educate our kids on ways to be sustainable and eco-friendly, which is only going to become more important as time goes on. Here’s hoping the little eco-warriors at Sherwell Valley Primary School will grow up to continue our mission!

Thank you to everyone at Sherwell School and Festers Fencing for helping to create a more sustainable planet.

If you are inspired to make your own environment more sustainable, please click here to find out more ways to do so.

If you would like to find out more about our Polymer products, like garden furniture, dog agility equipment, decking and more, please click here

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Why You Should Invest in Recycled Plastic Furniture

With the topic of global warming becoming increasingly important, it’s integral that we look at different ways in which we can contribute positively to the environment. Scientists have warned for years now that the amount of greenhouse gases being released into the atmosphere is having a destructive effect on our planet. When making positive lifestyle changes to benefit the environment, recycling should certainly not be overlooked. Recycling prevents materials from going to landfills and instead allows us to use these materials to create an entirely different product. One primary example of this could be recycled plastic furniture.

Find out why you should invest in recycled plastic furniture and how DCW Polymers can make this possible!

Benefits the Environment

It goes without saying that the main benefit of recycled plastic furniture is that it doesn’t harm the environment. This type of furniture is made by processing plastic into granules, which is then finally put through an extrusion machine to create both practical and sustainable garden furniture. Considering that recycled plastic furniture uses materials that already exist within our environment, this minimises the amount of energy we use and reduces the need for landfills. If you’re trying to become more environmentally conscious, then recycled plastic furniture could be just the thing for you!

Appearance is Key

Despite being made up of different materials, recycled plastic furniture certainly doesn’t compromise on its appearance. Whilst other types of mainstream furniture has the tendency to rot over time, you don’t have this issue because the furniture is not made of wood. This means that you can have peace of mind that you are investing in furniture that will stand the test of time. Also, wood furniture has the ability to become damaged due to fluctuations in temperature. With recycled plastic furniture, you don’t have to worry about the appearance degrading over time.

Low Maintenance

The appearance of the garden can somewhat be the pride and joy in many homes. Whether it be ensuring the plants are healthy or jet-washing the patio area, it’s undeniable that the garden area can be quite difficult to maintain. By investing in recycled plastic furniture, you can be confident that you’re receiving something that requires little to no maintenance. As aforementioned, this type of furniture is rot-free and weather resistant, meaning that you can focus on other areas of the garden to make sure it’s in the best condition possible!

At DCW Polymers, we’re a waste disposal company that knows how important it is to be environmentally friendly, which is why supply high-quality recycled plastic furniture. Using plastic waste from the South West, we have the ability to provide furniture to our customers that contributes positively to the environment without holding back on appearance or quality. Whether you’re after recycled fencing or decking, we’ve got you covered. Get in touch!

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From Woodland Waste to Sustainable Seating

The Smiling Sheep

10 years ago, Holly and Andrei Szerard moved out of London into a beautiful thatched cottage in Copplestone in mid-Devon. From this idyllic setting, they set up The Smiling Sheep, a smallholding which is home to many animals; chickens, ducks four rare nene geese, a flock of 40 sheep, rare breed pigs, 3 cats and Bodie the dog.

The couple proudly grow a variety of fruit and vegetables here. They have a wool studio where they produce luxury woolen blankets and throws from the wool from their flock. Shortly they will be opening their luxury B&B accommodation again!

The beautiful Smiling Sheep
The beautiful Smiling Sheep

Recently, they acquired a 15 acre neighbouring woodland, which they intend to maintain as a haven of nature and tranquility. They soon set about clearing a lot of fallen trees, overgrown blackthorn and brambles, and trying to restore the woodland to a natural and useable space. It quickly became apparent that there were hundreds upon hundreds of old plastic tree guards that littered the ground!

Tree guards
Tree guards

What can you do with hundreds of old plastic tree guards?

They were stumped (excuse the pun) with what to do with these, as although they are plastic, there is no viable recycling solution in place for them due to their condition and lightweight nature of the product.

Here’s where DCW Polymers come in! One day they heard about DCW Polymers successfully recycling tree-guards from a conservation project in Cornwall, into a new bench that the conservation trust had placed back in the woodland. Andrei contacted DCW Polymers who tested their tree guards which are perfect for recycling into benches! Best of all, The Smiling Sheep decided to order 7 benches made from their own material to place back into the woodland to enjoy the beautiful views!

Next they had to collect all of the tree guards, clean off the debris and bag them up before taking them to DCW Polymers in Exeter. Here they were shredded and granulated first, then melted down in a process to create planks of recycled plastics that were finally assembled into 7 smart bench seats.

From Woodland Waste to Sustainable Seating

The benches were delivered to Andrei and Holly a couple of weeks ago, and have been placed in their positions. All of the benches are at clearings that afford stunning views of the surrounding trees and wild flowers.

They are delighted with the end results, and have spent time already using them and enjoying the fruits of their labour.

Andrei said “I am so pleased knowing that a difficult to recycle material had not only been diverted from landfill, but had been reprocessed and made into fabulous new products that will last for years to come – all within 15 minutes from home!”

Happy Customers
Happy Customers

There are still more tree guards to come, that DCW Polymers will make into more sustainable seats!

For more details on The Smiling Sheep, visit their website www.smilingsheep.co.uk

For more information on DCW Polymers range of sustainable recycled plastic furniture, please go to https://dcwpolymers.co.uk/products/.

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Case Study: Woodland Springs Touring Park

 Luxury Camping in Devon

This AA five star rated site is immaculately presented with generous pitches for tents, caravans, and campervans. There are even fully insulated double glazed glamping pods, for those craving a touch of luxurious comfort.

Woodland Springs is central to Dartmoor’s National Park, and close to the English Riviera. With excellent facilities and tranquil surroundings, this award-winning, rural site will definitely enrich your Devon vacation. It offers the perfect Caravan & Camping getaway designed exclusively for adults.

Since taking over in 2000 owners, Peter and Fiona have upgraded the park beautifully. Well-kept grass areas compliment young hedging, shrubs, and wildflowers that back onto existing mature trees; the new planting harmoniously fuses with the gorgeous countryside, encouraging local wildlife to setup habitats. Guests regularly enjoy the early morning chorus spotting nuthatches, greenfinches, woodpeckers and even a red kite!

Woodland Springs is a wonderful choice for dog lovers, with two exercise areas nestled within the park. A fully fenced, well-manicured 1-acre grass field, and an agility course for the more adventurous canine companion. There is a dog shower area, which includes a warm water shower that is free of charge; ideal for washing off dewy grass or muddy paws your dog might pick up during countryside walks. There is also a selection of dog food and treats are available in the on-site shop.

Recycled Plastic Dog Agility Equipment

The dog agility area features DCW Polymers’ recycled plastic dog agility equipment. The hoop, see-saw, and spider climber were exclusively handmade by DCW Polymers. Produced from recycled Polypropylene, these products offer a sustainable alternative to wood. DCW Polymers use a closed loop process to collect and manufacture plastic scrap locally; all of the work takes place in their Polymers facility in Exeter.

Peter couldn’t be happier. He said “We are absolutely delighted with the dog agility equipment DCW Polymers have manufactured for us. The equipment is in use daily on our busy caravan  touring park. It has proved hugely popular with our guests and their dogs. We are particularly impressed with the quality of the equipment – the items are extremely hardwearing, well-built and completely maintenance free.”

Planning an adult only camping holiday in Devon… why not see what Woodland Springs can offer you. You can contact them by calling 01647 231648, emailing [email protected] or, by visiting their website https://woodlandsprings.co.uk and completing their online enquiry form.

DCW Polymers’ sister company DCW has been supplying waste collection services to Woodland Springs Touring Park since January 2020. Recycling is particularly important to the site, who were delighted with their “Zero to Landfill” contract.

DCW’s diligence enables Woodland Springs to achieve a 67% recycling rate from their general waste. That equates to almost four tonnes over the past 12 months alone!

By choosing DCW and DCW Polymers, to date Woodland Springs have so far saved over eleven tonnes of waste from ending up in landfill!

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Specialist Plastics Recycling firm invests £290K to strengthen the South West’s circular economy

In a bid to strengthen the South West’s circular economy and to tackle throwaway culture, a leading plastics recycling and reprocessing plant has invested £290,000 in machinery and facilities at its specialist plastics reprocessing centre.

DCW Polymers has introduced a new 10,000ltr fountain blender, an extruder machine and a mezzanine to its Marsh Barton plastics recycling and reprocessing plant. Together, the machinery will increase production of DCW Polymers’ recycled plastic furniture range by 400% and create eight new jobs.

Waste plastics collected from businesses across the South West are taken to DCW Polymers where they are shredded into plastic granules by the new extruder. This material then goes back into the manufacturing process. The extruder, purchased from Boston Matthews in Worcester, allows DCW Polymers team of plastic recycling experts to process five times more plastic waste, improving productivity and keeping as much of the region’s plastic waste as possible away from landfill.

The fountain blender can blend approximately four tonnes of recycled granulated plastic at any one time. It provides a mix of material and colour suitable for the manufacturing of DCW Polymers’ recycled garden range which includes benches, dining sets, tables, chairs, fencing, decking and dog agility equipment.

To complement the new machinery, the family-run firm has invested £60,000 to build a new mezzanine which has increased the square footage of DCW Polymers by 2,880 sq ft. The extra floor provides further storage space for DCW Polymers’ recycled garden range, ensuring that products can be ready to meet the growing customer demand.

Simon Almond, DCW Polymers Managing Director, said: “We’re passionate about achieving a more circular economy in the South West. Circular economies are vital to have in place if we are to win the fight against climate change as they lower carbon emissions, reduce the use of non-renewable resources and ensure that waste is kept away from landfill sites. We’re proud of how DCW Polymers is already contributing to our region’s circular economy with our recycled garden furniture range and our recent investment will continue to drive our growth in this area.

“It’s important to us that we support the UK manufacturing industry and we were pleased to source our new extruder machine from Worcester based Boston Matthews. Our new machinery allows us to scale up production to meet the growing demand for sustainable, durable outdoor furniture which isn’t detrimental to the environment.”

A sustainable alternative to timber, the plastic furniture and products are maintenance free, will not rot, splinter or corrode and will not require painting or treating. Each item is made using 100% plastic waste collected from South West businesses and holds a 10-year guarantee.

DCW Polymers is the only specialist plastics recycling and reprocessing plant south of Bridgwater. With a fleet of 70 modern vehicles, the commercial recycling firm can collect items from both businesses and wider communities, providing a processing service for bulky plastics such as plastic bins, playground equipment, garden furniture, plastic pallet crates and even larger items such as kayaks and fuel tanks.

For more information about DCW Polymers services, call 01392 535353 or click here. Thank you to Hannah Finch at BusinessLive for sharing our news. Click here to read her article.

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DCW Polymers partners with Rhino Play to create sustainable play equipment made from recycled plastic

Recycled plastic furniture. Tick. Fence posts. Tick. Decking. Tick. Dog agility equipment. Tick. Since the launch of our recycled plastic furniture range in 2021, we’ve created a variety of products in a bid to create a more circular economy in the South West. Now, we’ve partnered with commercial outdoor play specialists Rhino Play to create children’s play equipment made from recycled plastic.

At DCW Polymers we manufacture plastic planks from the waste plastic we collect from South West businesses. We launched our range with outdoor garden furniture and have since developed the manufacturing process to create even more products. We thought it was about time we ventured into play equipment!

Partnering with Rhino Play

Founded in 2013, Newton Abbot based Rhino Play creates commercial play equipment for a variety of businesses including schools, local councils and holiday parks. Having delivered play equipment to thousands of customers to date, Rhino Play was looking for a more sustainable, longer-lasting alternative to timber.

Enter DCW Polymers. Our team of plastic recycling experts can mould plastic waste into planks. This recycled material can then be used by Rhino Play to create bespoke play equipment for a variety of outdoor spaces. This allows Rhino Play to become more environmentally responsible when choosing its materials.

The partnership has only just begun but Rhino Play has already received three orders for play equipment made from DCW Polymers’ recycled plastic material.

Stuart Hunt, Sales and Design Manager at Rhino Play, commented: “We are delighted to be working with DCW Polymers on our new recycled plastic range. It’s great to know that we are giving new life to plastic waste by creating very durable, long-lasting products which can be recycled again in the future. We can now offer our clients alternatives to timber that weren’t originally available. This recycled product does not rot and is extremely strong but innovative in its design.”

Rhino Play works closely with every customer to create the perfect sustainable design which will fit within their commercial outdoor space. The team of play specialists can create bespoke set-ups using hundreds of designs. From Adventure Climbers to Pirate Ships, Playhouses to Sand Pits, there’s something for everyone.

Enhance your sustainability credentials

Purchasers of the new play equipment made from recycled plastic will benefit from a 25-year guarantee. The equipment will not rot, splinter or corrode and will not require painting or treating. Little feet can stomp all over the play equipment without doing any damage.

It can also enhance a business’ sustainability credentials. DCW Polymers is a Zero to Landfill company so by purchasing recycled plastic play equipment, customers can purchase with the confidence that they are contributing to a truly circular economy, keeping waste away from landfill.

Simon Almond, Managing Director at DCW Polymers, commented: “Our recycled plastic furniture range knows no limits! We’re always trying to push the boundaries to unlock the potential plastic waste has to create the best recycled products in the UK. We kick-started this initiative with plastic furniture but it has quickly grown. We are now pleased to partner with Rhino Play to bring the South West sustainable play equipment.”

Simon continued: “As a Zero to Landfill business, we like to support other like-minded businesses who have a thirst for becoming more sustainable. This is why we have chosen to partner with local business Rhino Play. We’re excited to bring more sustainable products to companies across the South West.”

To cope with the increasing demand for recycled plastic products, DCW Polymers has recently invested £290,000 in new machinery and facilities, increasing production of the range by 400%.

Are you keen to join hundreds of other businesses across the South West and invest in recycled plastic products? Does your old and tired play equipment need replacing? Click here for more information or contact our team on 01392 535353.

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From Beach to Bench: DCW Polymers transforms beach clean litter into recycled plastic bench for Kenn C of E Primary School

Year five and six pupils from Kenn C of E Primary School collected over several bags of litter during a beach clean which will now be transformed into a recycled plastic bench for their playground.

DCW Polymers partnered with Keep Britain Tidy’s Ocean Recovery Project, supported by South West Water, to organise the beach clean in Exmouth. The clean was set-up to give local school children a valuable lesson in recycling and the dangers plastic litter can have on the coastal landscape and its wildlife.

After a short talk on safety and ocean plastic by Ocean Recovery Project Manager Neil Hembrow, the children grabbed their beach cleaning kits and set off to collect as much litter as possible from Exmouth’s famous golden sands.

By lunchtime, the young environmentalists had collected several bags of litter from the popular East Devon beach which welcomes thousands of visitors every year. Helping the pupils understand the value of a circular loop when it comes to waste, DCW Polymers has taken the collection to its specialist plastics reprocessing plant in Exeter.

Over 20kgs of marine plastic waste, which includes the children’s collection, will go into the making of a DCW Polymers’ recycled bench alongside other recycled plastic waste. The material will be shredded into granules and melted and moulded into posts and planks to create the Torbay bench style. This backless contemporary bench will be donated by the Ocean Recovery Project and DCW Polymers to Kenn C of E Primary School as a thank you for the pupils’ hard work in cleaning up their local coastline.

Neil Hembrow, Ocean Recovery Project Manager, commented: “It was a pleasure to partner with DCW Polymers to invite the children of Kenn C of E Primary School on a beach clean. We started our recycling adventures with DCW Polymers over seven years ago and it’s fantastic to be involved in a new innovative project that gives back to the community.

“Exmouth is one of the most popular beaches in our region thanks to miles of golden sand and its glistening waters, perfect for swimming and a whole host of watersports. It’s wonderful that the children were so enthusiastic about helping us clean up the beach and learn about the circular economy.

“I was very impressed with their positive attitude and enthusiasm for the task ahead. It’s this generation that can have a huge positive impact on our planet. We hope the children enjoy their new recycled plastic bench!”

DCW Polymers has a historic link with Kenn C of E Primary School as the Managing Director’s daughters both attended the primary school. DCW Polymers hope to partner with even more schools in the future to clean up the South West’s coastline.

Jason Goozee, Head of DCW Polymers, commented: “As a Zero to Landfill recycling company which strives to encourage others to protect the environment in which they live and operate in, it’s important to us to participate in community projects like this one. Educating and inspiring the next generation is the key to ensuring our environment doesn’t suffer any more damage in the years to come.

“We were keen to use the plastic waste the children collected in the making of one of our Torbay benches to show the pupils how waste can be given a new lease of life. The potential waste has is incredible and that’s what we aim to prove, diverting as much waste away from landfill as we possibly can and turning it into new products.”

DCW Polymers, leading South West plastics recycling and reprocessing plant, partnered with Keep Britain Tidy’s Ocean Recovery Project to run this beach clean. Launched  by Keep Britain Tidy, the Ocean Recovery Project was launched to help volunteer groups to recycle beach litter after it completed 1,200 beach cleans of its own. To date, the Project has recycled over 60 tonnes of material from the South West.

For more information on the Ocean Recovery Project, visit www.keepbritaintidy.org and for more information on DCW Polymers, including its recycled furniture range, visit www.dcwpolymers.co.uk or call 01392 535353.

From Beach to Bench: DCW Polymers transforms beach clean litter into recycled plastic bench for Kenn C of E Primary School Read More »

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