Plastic Recycling & Manufacturing Specialist

Let us tell you about us at DCW Polymers. We are a plastic recycling specialist based in Exeter, Devon. We are passionate about doing our bit for the planet and offer a comprehensive range of plastic recycling services to businesses throughout the UK.

When crude oil prices fell during the pandemic in 2020, the value of recycled plastic fell dramatically. It became cheaper for manufacturers to make new plastic with oil than use recycled materials. Therefore, we decided to begin making our own product range from our recycled plastics! We now handmake a full range of durable, eco-friendly outdoor products!

Our range of handmade items, including benches, dining sets, fencing, dog agility equipment, and children’s play equipment, are all crafted from 100% recycled plastics. We also consider the lifespan of the product in all of our designs, making sure our designs are as sustainable and have the most longevity possible.

Sustainability is Our Passion

In all we do, we are sincerely committed to sustainability. Our whole business is powered by the solar-panel roof of our Exeter headquarters!

Furthermore, we plant a tree in the community for each piece of furniture that we sell. Rather than just paying a charity to plant the trees, our team goes out for the day once a year to physically improve our local eco-system by planting the trees by hand.

DCW Polymers planting trees in 2022
Recycle & Raise 2021

Recycle & Raise®

We are proud to run our Recycle & Raise® fundraising scheme, where we recycle plastics donated by the public and donate the profit of the plastic to two local charities – Dartmoor Zoological Society and Life Chance Trust. We have raised over £13,000 to date and recycled over 7 tonnes of plastic!

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