Maintenance-Free, Sustainable Outdoor Products handmade from 100% recycled plastic

We are proud to handmake our own range of sustainable outdoor products – including furniture, fencing & decking – from the plastics we recycle from UK businesses. Our recycled plastic furniture is the greener option, lasting far longer than wooden alternatives – with no maintenance! Wave goodbye to corrosion, rot, and splinters. DCW Polymers’ Sustainable furniture is weatherproof, eliminating the need for painting or treatment!

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Plastic recycling services by DCW Polymers
Polymer Recycling Services

Our experts can help you choose the best plastic recycling service for your business to help your sustainability efforts and develop a cost and time-effective solution to suit your individual needs.
We service a range of industries and can recycle plastics from manufacturing offcuts to post-consumer materials.

Transparency in Polymer recycling

Here at DCW Polymers we know the importance of being transparent about plastic recycling. We all hear that plastic is bad! In some cases plastic use is unavoidable as there’s no suitable alternatives available. When we can’t avoid producing the plastic, we want to make sure we are doing the most responsible thing with it at end-of-life.

Transparency is one of our key foundations. Anyone can come and see how we do it! We welcome our customers, suppliers and schools to our head office to see what we do!
There’s only one planet, so we make sure we do the right thing in every area of our business.

Recycled plastic granules at DCW Polymers
DCW Polymers planting trees in 2022

Sustainability is key

Being as sustainable as possible is our dedication. Our head-office in Exeter has a solar-panel roof which powers our whole business!

Furthermore, for every item of furniture we sell, we plant one tree in the local area.
It doesn’t stop there! Our team go out for the day once a year, planting them by hand and physically making a difference to our local eco-system.

Charity Work

We are so proud to be running our Recycle & Raise® fundraising scheme! The public are collecting plastics, which we are recycling into our outdoor furniture range, and donating the profit of the plastic to two local charities! Currently our charities are Dartmoor Zoological Society and Life Chance Trust. Significantly, our running total is over £13,000 and 7,000kg of plastics!

Recycle & Raise 2021
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