Plant Pot Recycling

Contrary to common belief, plastic plant pot recycling is indeed possible! We are proud to announce that we are able to recycle Polypropylene plant pots & trays here at DCW Polymers!

There is a misconception that black plastic cannot be recycled, but that’s simply because they contain pigments which make them undetectable to the sorting machinery used to sort plastics.

At DCW Polymers Ltd we sort all our plastics by hand, so we are able to recycle them easily. Furthermore, we can close the loop in-house as we recycle Polypropylene plant pots and trays into our sustainable outdoor products!

Plastic plant pots ready to be recycled. Planter made from recycled plastic such as plant pots.
Plastic plant trays being recycled

How does Plant pot recycling work?

Our process involves shredding the plastic plant pots and trays, then granulating and extruding the material into planks. Finally, these planks are used for fencing, decking and our outdoor product range. Your old plastic plant pot could turn into a bench, dog jump or a planter!

How do i prepare my plant pots for recycling?

Plant pots should be clean and free of any labels or inserts in order for us to recycle them.

Where do i send my plant pots for recycling?

Currently, you can send your plant pots to us for recycling here in Exeter. We are actively looking for partners to work with who can offer public drop-off locations too!

Closed-Loop Recycling

We are proudly able to offer a closed-loop process for plant pot recycling, taking polypropylene plastic that cannot be widely recycled and recycling them into new, long-lasting products! The entire process happens under one roof in Exeter, Devon!

Plastic plant trays being recycled

DCW Polymers can offer a range of containers for your waste plastics, from bags to bins and large skips. In addition we can arrange collection of larger quantities of waste plastics using rigid and artic curtain-side vehicles.

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