April 2022

DCW Polymers raises over £5,500 for local charities through popular Recycle & Raise scheme

DCW Polymers, the South West’s only specialist plastics recycling and reprocessing plant, has raised £5,736.28 for local charities by recycling plastic tubs and bottle tops donated by the general public, an initiative known as Recycle & Raise.

The funds, which have been split equally between Dartmoor Zoological Park and mental health charity Mind, were raised through DCW Polymers’ Recycle & Raise initiative. The appeal asked the general public to donate plastic tubs and bottle tops for recycling which DCW Polymers has shredded into granules.

The granules have been used in manufacturing DCW Polymers’ recycled plastic furniture range which has raised approximately 8p per tub recycled for Dartmoor Zoo and Mind.

Over 85 businesses, schools and organisations across the South West volunteered as collection points for the tubs, bottle tops and takeaway containers, with the general public donating 1,925kg of tubs and 673kg of bottle tops in a bid to support the charities. The weight of the tubs equates to 64,166 tubs recycled through this year’s Recycle and Raise campaign.

Hosted by DCW Polymers annually since 2019, the Recycle & Raise appeal has raised over £11,000 for charitable causes.

DCW Polymers Managing Director, Simon Almond, said: “The enthusiasm from the public to help us raise as much money as we can for these charities this year has been incredible. So much so that we have experienced our most successful fundraising year yet, raising over £5,500 for Dartmoor Zoo and Mind.

“These are two charities that I am personally very passionate about. As a trustee of Dartmoor Zoo, I’m invested in the incredible conservation work the team do, and Mind is a charity that we were keen to support in light of the toll the pandemic has had on mental health and wellbeing.

“I’d like to thank everyone who has donated to the scheme as without you, we couldn’t have raised these vital funds for charity. Since 2019, we’ve smashed each of our targets every year and as the initiative grows, we hope to raise even more funds during next year’s campaign which will kick-off in October 2022.”

Thanks to the enthusiasm of the public and the success of the appeal, DCW Polymers is now collecting plastic tubs and bottle tops all year round. The funds raised from this will also go towards the annual Recycle & Raise scheme, giving DCW Polymers and the general public the opportunity to support local charities either side of Recycle & Raise season.

Clean plastic tubs and bottle tops can be taken to the Recycle & Raise drop-off point outside Princesshay’s Bee Hive Information Centre, The Hive, located in Bampfylde Lane in Exeter. In addition, clean plastic tubs and bottle tops can be taken to any of DCW’s or DCW Polymers’ Exeter or Plymouth depots. Donators can locate their nearest depot by visiting www.dcwpolymers.co.uk.

For those who cannot easily access the permanent drop-off points, the Recycle & Raise seasonal appeal for plastic tubs and bottle tops will return in November 2022 and will run until February 2023. DCW Polymers encourages businesses from across Devon and Cornwall to sign-up, creating plenty of accessible drop-off points across the region. If your business would like to sign up as a drop off point to help raise funds for DCW Polymers’ chosen charities, please email [email protected].

DCW Polymers raises over £5,500 for local charities through popular Recycle & Raise scheme Read More »

Recycled products case study: Devon Air Ambulance Trust

Since launching the eco-friendly recycled plastic furniture range in 2021, DCW Polymers has helped hundreds of customers make the switch from using timber products to a sustainable, long-lasting alternative

In addition to the stylish benches, chairs and dining sets, DCW Polymers also manufactures decking and fencing from recycled plastic which is collected from businesses across the South West. The fencing caught the eye of the Devon Air Ambulance Trust which was looking to replace its traditional wooden fencing at its North Devon airbase in Umberleigh.

The Devon Air Ambulance Trust is a charity which provides pre-hospital emergency clinical care to the most critically ill and injured across Devon through the provision of two helicopter-based air ambulances and two critical care cars. In 2021, over 1,900 patients were assisted with over 1,300 missions by helicopter and over 500 missions by critical care car.

Partnering with Festers Fencing, DCW Polymers provided 26 x 3m fence posts and 28 x 3m rails for Festers Fencing to erect at the airbase. Festers Fencing also made the gates out of material provided by DCW Polymers. The work was completed in Jan 2022 and the Trust is thrilled with the results.

Jonathan Osmond, Head of Facilities & Risk at Devon Air Ambulance, said: “At Devon Air Ambulance, one of our four Strategic Pillars is focussed on the environment and how we reduce our carbon footprint, particularly as we operate two helicopters. Our Trustee-led Environment, Sustainability & Stewardship Committee, partnered with our staff-led Green Team, work to identify and mitigate other areas for improvement.

“When the traditional wooden fencing needed replacing at our North Devon airbase, we were pleased to find a product manufactured by DCW Polymers made from recycled plastic. As DCW is our main waste service provider, it is entirely possible that the new fencing is partially made from our own plastic waste! Particularly important is that this new product is expected to last many more years than wood and can be recycled again and again. It also looks great!”

Simon Courtney, Director at Festers Fencing, said: “The Trust’s Umberleigh site is high up on an airfield and due to the winds and challenging weather that cuts across this high point, the traditional wooden fencing had suffered from wear and tear. I recommended DCW Polymers’ recycled plastic fencing as a perfect solution. It is completely weatherproof, looks good and will handle the elements well.

“I am a great admirer of this product and am very impressed with the results. Myself and my team have really enjoyed working with this timber alternative, learning how flexible and how versatile the product is. To use something that is 100% recycled is a great solution and great for the environment. We are looking forward to using the fencing, decking and furniture in many other projects.”

DCW Polymers recycled products collection includes a range of benches, chairs, tables, dining sets, fencing, decking and dog agility equipment. Plastic waste collected from businesses across the South West gets taken to Exeter-based DCW Polymers where it is shredded and melted into moulds which forms the posts and planks. These are then used to make weatherproof furniture or other products.

A sustainable alternative to timber, the plastic furniture and products are maintenance free, will not rot, splinter or corrode and will not require painting or treating.

If you are interested in commissioning recycled plastic furniture, fencing, decking or dog agility equipment for your business, please call 01392 535353 or email [email protected].

Click here to find out more about the recycled plastic products range.

Recycled products case study: Devon Air Ambulance Trust Read More »

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