DCW Polymers Announces Tree Planting Scheme

DCW Polymers are proud to announce that for every single item of furniture we sell, we will plant one tree in Devon!

This means that not only does our furniture save trees, but we’re giving more back to the world too.

We’ve kickstarted the planting with 100 Oak trees planted near Crediton by our Purchase Ledger & Marketing teams this March! In partnership with OakOffset on land kindly donated by a local landowner. These 100 trees are estimated to sequester up to 100 tonnes of CO2 over their lifetime!

There are numerous schemes available for people to donate money to plant trees, but at DCW Polymers we decided to go the extra mile and plant the trees ourselves. Rather than just donating the money to a charity, we got our boots & gloves on and planted our 100 trees in one afternoon!

The team had a fantastic time in great March weather planting the first 100 DCW Polymers trees which will provide a lasting legacy to the local area for hundreds of years to come!

What a fabulous honour to be planting trees that people will appreciate for hundreds of years to come! Not only does it help to sequester CO2 from the atmosphere but it promotes local wildlife too. Our recycled furniture is as eco-friendly as they come – our production is powered by solar energy, the furniture is made from 100% recycled plastic from local businesses, and now we plant a tree for every item we sell too!

Emily Almond, Business Development Manager

OakOffset is a not-for-profit who focus on the tree, not the money. The English Oak supports more species than any other UK tree and thrive along side all other native species, so it is a perfect choice.

If you’re thinking of purchasing some of our recycled plastic furniture this year, remember that not only are you saving trees, you’re giving more trees back to the world too!

Tree planting

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