Silverstone MotoGP boosts net-zero efforts with the help of DCW Polymers

Silverstone & DCW Polymers – Strength in Sustainability

Silverstone’s MotoGP – one of the biggest events in the British motorcycling calendar – enlisted the help of South West based recycled plastic furniture manufacturer DCW Polymers this year in a bid to become more sustainable.

Committed to becoming a leading sustainable business and leisure destination through its Net Zero 2030 project;  Northampton-based Silverstone were keen to partner with DCW Polymers* who manufacture durable, long-lasting furniture products made from 100% recycled plastic.

As part of its net zero pledge, Silverstone are committing to a ten-year venue and facility investment strategy that puts sustainability at the centre of operations. This includes finding sustainable alternatives to event facilities whilst maintaining its high standards and quality guest experience. DCW Polymers’ event hire benches are the perfect solution.

Durable outdoor furniture event hire for Silverstone MotoGP

Working Together for a Sustainable Future

Working closely with DCW Polymers, Silverstone selected a range of furniture items to subtly create sociable sections within the Lego Family Zone in Hall One, maximising the space available. Silverstone hired 21 Plymouth picnic benches for the food zone, 6 Exeter Dining Sets for the bar area, and 15 Salcombe modular sofa units to create a comfortable environment for event-goers to relax in the coffee lounge. This zone offered a public food hall for all ticket holders to enjoy hot food, a bar, coffee lounge and Lego activities upstairs.

A further nine Plymouth benches were set up outside Hall One, giving attendees a great view of the pitlane exit so that they could watch their favourite riders re-join the circuit.

Durable outdoor furniture event hire for Silverstone MotoGP

Creating a closed-loop system for plastic waste

By handmaking its furniture out of plastic waste collected from UK businesses, DCW Polymers has a completely closed-loop system for plastic waste in the UK. The Plymouth bench alone contains over 115kg of plastic. That’s the equivalent of over 1,000 plastic sweet tubs!

A smart, sustainable alternative to timber furniture, DCW Polymers’ benches are longer-lasting, more durable, and resistant to damage and vandalism. The furniture is completely weatherproof. As the items are heavy, they cannot be easily moved, maintaining the aesthetic of the event space. The benches at this year’s MotoGP looked as good on day three as they did on day one!  They will go on to see many more events to come!

By choosing DCW Polymers’ sustainable furniture range, Silverstone is supporting the circular economy. The innovative manufacturing process recycles waste plastic into new items, saving valuable energy. It also reduces the need for tree felling!

Durable outdoor furniture event hire for Silverstone MotoGP

A sustainable furniture solution for your next event

Many of the businesses DCW Polymers work with choose to hire furniture products for events, saving storage space. The event hire option is perfect for those who need stylish, sustainable furniture solutions temporarily.

Our experts at can work with event organisers to provide a bespoke solution for any space. We can encourage high footfall with attendees staying at an event for longer thanks to the provision of comfortable furniture.

All of DCW Polymers’ products come with a 25-year guarantee!  Therefore, this is ensuring that hundreds of events can hire the same benches in their lifetime. This provides a more sustainable solution than less durable, timber alternatives that can be subject to damage, and vandalism.

If you are keen to hire our furniture for your next event, please contact the team! Call us on 01392 535353 or email [email protected]

Durable outdoor furniture event hire for Silverstone MotoGP

*For MotoGP, DCW Polymers sponsored the furniture items and took no payment from Silverstone

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