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Recycle & Raise returns

Tubs of sweets adorn the shelves at this time of year, ready for us to stock up on our favourite festive treats. Now, we’re asking you to donate the empty plastic tubs – once the treats are gone – to raise vital funds for charity. We host our Recycle & Raise appeal every year and once again, we are asking you to donate plastic tubs for recycling to raise funds for Dartmoor Zoo and Mind. Last year, we raised over £4,000 for Dartmoor Zoo and Mind. Since its launch in 2019, Recycle & Raise has raised over £5,200 for charity with DCW Polymers collecting the equivalent of 65,000 tubs! It’s not just confectionery tubs we’re asking for either. Ice cream, biscuit and cracker tubs, milk bottle tops and takeaway containers will all be collected as part of the Recycle & Raise campaign. The materials with a number five or PP

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What more can the South West be doing to create a circular economy this Plastic Free July?

With Plastic Free July well underway, DCW Polymers Managing Director Simon Almond reveals why he thinks a circular economy is so important in the fight against plastic waste, and the steps DCW Polymers is taking as one of the South West’s leading plastics and recycling processing plant… Plastic Free July is a fantastic awareness campaign which gets everyone thinking about how they can eliminate single-use plastic from their day-to-day lives, or at least cut down on the amount they send to landfill. This global movement is an annual event and every year we are faced with even more devastating plastic waste facts. Currently, nearly 300 million tonnes of plastic waste is produced each year with 1 million marine animals dying due to plastic pollution (source: Seed Scientific). Plastic Free July aims to make an impact by encouraging households, schools and workplaces to think about what sustainable swaps can be made

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DCW Polymers embraces circular economy with the launch of recycled plastic furniture range

We are delighted to announce the launch of our outdoor furniture range made entirely from waste plastic collected from businesses across the region. DCW Polymers has invested over £25,000 in a new plastic reprocessing line to become the only company in the South West to process waste plastics it collects into recycled furniture. The new equipment, based at the specialist plastic reprocessing plant in Exeter melts the shredded waste plastic and moulds it into posts and planks which are then used to make weatherproof furniture and garden products such as picnic benches, tables, chairs, fence posts and decking. A sustainable alternative to timber, the plastic furniture and products are maintenance free will not rot, splinter or corrode and will not require painting or creosoting. The innovative furniture and products are made using 100% plastic waste collected from South West businesses such as buckets, tubs, crates, DVD cases, bottle tops, and

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Recycle & Raise fundraising announcement!

Recycle & Raise 2020/21 fundraising success! Having raised over £1,200 for Dartmoor Zoo in our first year of Recycle & Raise, we weren’t sure what to expect when lockdown 3.0 was announced in the middle of the 2020/21 collection… However, our worries and fears can be forgotten, as we are so pleased and proud to announce that the 2020/21 collection has raised… *drumroll please* £4,096.60! This is a wonderful donation, being split 50/50 between Dartmoor Zoological Park and Mind! This money will make a huge difference for both charities. Thank you to each and every one of the 100+ businesses, schools and organisations who have accepted donations on our behalf throughout November 2020 through to March 2021. From the amazing people who have had mountains of tubs stacked in their garages (and front rooms!), to the people who saved their tubs and donated in the wind & rain of winter,

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The damage plastic does to the environment and the importance of plastic recycling

Plastic pollution has been at the forefront of our minds for years now. It’s an issue that’s rife in every country but it’s emerged recently that Britain is the second biggest per capita producer of plastic waste in the world (source: The Guardian). The tide needs to turn and a big push on plastic recycling in the UK could help save our planet. You may already be aware of DCW Polymers, a leading plastics recycling and reprocessing plant in Exeter, Devon. We collect waste plastic, turn it back into high-quality plastic granules and sell it back into the manufacturing industry. Materials that end up at DCW Polymers never go to landfill so if you are on the hunt for ‘plastic recycling near me’, do bear us in mind. In this blog, we explore just some of the reasons why we need to do more to recycle plastic and what the

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Recycle & Raise campaign for 2020 is launched!

DCW Polymers launches our Recycle & Raise campaign for 2020! Last years’ Recycle & Raise campaign was hugely successful, we recycled over 15,000 tubs and reached over 250,000 people online! Having raised over £1,200 for Dartmoor Zoo last year, we have high hopes that this year will be even bigger and better! While it has been a difficult decision as there are so many worthy charities that need support, our chosen charities for this year are Dartmoor Zoological Park and Mind – a mental health charity. This year we can Recycle & Raise with even more materials, so please start washing and saving your containers for us! What can we Recycle this year? Confectionery tubs Ice cream tubs Cracker tubs Milk bottle tops Takeaway containers Look for the number 5 or PP symbol on the container! All materials donated to Recycle & Raise will be sent to our plastic reprocessing

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