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DCW Polymers raises over £3,000 for local charities through popular Recycle & Raise scheme

DCW Polymers, the South West’s only specialist plastics recycling and reprocessing plant, has raised £3,101.68 for local charities by recycling plastic tubs and bottle tops donated by the general public. The funds, which have been split equally between Dartmoor Zoological Society and Life Chance Trust, were raised through DCW Polymers’ Recycle & Raise initiative. The appeal asked the general public to donate plastic tubs and bottle tops for recycling which DCW Polymers has shredded into granules. The granules have been used in the manufacturing of DCW’s recycled plastic furniture range which has raised £1,550.84 each for Dartmoor Zoo and Life Chance Trust. An incredible 158 businesses, schools and organisations across the South West volunteered as collection points for the tubs, bottle tops and takeaway containers, with a total of 1,643kg of tubs and 487kg of bottle tops donated in a bid to support the charities. Hosted by DCW Polymers annually

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Turning the tide on marine plastic waste

Leading South West plastics recycling and reprocessing plant, DCW Polymers has signed an exclusive agreement with the Ocean Recovery Project to give a new lease of life to plastic waste found along the South West’s coastline. Marine plastic waste collected through beach cleans run by Keep Britain Tidy’s Ocean Recovery Project will now be used in the making of DCW Polymers’ new recycled furniture product, the Atlantic Ocean Bench. DCW Polymers a specialist plastic reprocessing company in Exeter, launched its recycled plastic furniture range in 2021. Every product is made from 100% plastic waste collected from businesses across the region and now the recycling experts have refined the process to incorporate marine plastics in the manufacturing process. This new partnership will ensure marine plastic waste is removed from the region’s coastline and contributes to DCW Polymers’ special ocean furniture range with the Atlantic Ocean Bench marking its debut. Mimicking the

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What Is Recycled Plastic Furniture?

Recycled Plastic Furniture Introduction When we think of outdoor furniture, we tend to think of wood. But there’s a much more sustainable alternative, and it’s made of recycled plastic. Recycled plastic is great for outdoor furniture because it’s durable and robust, plus it can be moulded or formed into all kinds of shapes and styles so you can find exactly what you want at a reasonable price. Eco-friendly Despite the negative focus on waste plastics in recent years, plastic is a highly recyclable material. Plastic furniture is durable and robust. It’s easy to maintain and keep clean, too! Are you looking for eco-friendly furniture? Try plastic furniture! Our plastic chairs, tables, benches and even dog agility items are all made from a range of recycled materials including sweet tubs, food containers and car bumpers. They’re made using a process called flow moulding that melts the plastic to form ‘planks’ which

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Recycle & Raise® is back

Spooky season marks the return of confectionary tubs to the supermarkets, ready for shoppers to stock up on their favourite sweet treats. Now, leading South West waste plastics recycling and reprocessing plant, DCW Polymers, is asking us to donate the empty plastic tubs to raise vital funds for charity. Marking its fourth year, Recycle & Raise® is hosted by Exeter-based DCW Polymers in an effort to keep plastic tubs away from landfill whilst raising money for good causes. The Zero to Landfill firm is once again asking the general public to donate plastic tubs for recycling to raise funds for Dartmoor Zoological Society and new for 2022, Life Chance Trust. Last year, the campaign by the South West’s specialist plastic recycler raised over £5,500. Since its launch in 2019, Recycle & Raise has raised over £11,000 for charity with DCW Polymers collecting the equivalent of 135,000 tubs. It’s not just

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Why You Should Invest in Recycled Plastic Furniture

With the topic of global warming becoming increasingly important, it’s integral that we look at different ways in which we can contribute positively to the environment. Scientists have warned for years now that the amount of greenhouse gases being released into the atmosphere is having a destructive effect on our planet. When making positive lifestyle changes to benefit the environment, recycling should certainly not be overlooked. Recycling prevents materials from going to landfills and instead allows us to use these materials to create an entirely different product. One primary example of this could be recycled plastic furniture. Find out why you should invest in recycled plastic furniture and how DCW Polymers can make this possible! Benefits the Environment It goes without saying that the main benefit of recycled plastic furniture is that it doesn’t harm the environment. This type of furniture is made by processing plastic into granules, which is

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Specialist Plastics Recycling firm invests £290K to strengthen the South West’s circular economy

In a bid to strengthen the South West’s circular economy and to tackle throwaway culture, a leading plastics recycling and reprocessing plant has invested £290,000 in machinery and facilities at its specialist plastics reprocessing centre. DCW Polymers has introduced a new 10,000ltr fountain blender, an extruder machine and a mezzanine to its Marsh Barton plastics recycling and reprocessing plant. Together, the machinery will increase production of DCW Polymers’ recycled plastic furniture range by 400% and create eight new jobs. Waste plastics collected from businesses across the South West are taken to DCW Polymers where they are shredded into plastic granules by the new extruder. This material then goes back into the manufacturing process. The extruder, purchased from Boston Matthews in Worcester, allows DCW Polymers team of plastic recycling experts to process five times more plastic waste, improving productivity and keeping as much of the region’s plastic waste as possible away

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